Our interdisciplinary outpatient clinic for advanced heart failure advises patients on further diagnostic and therapeutic options and works with them to define the best treatment regimen for each individual case. In addition to drug therapy optimisation, treatment options include special device systems (cardiac resynchronisation, implantable defibrillator), cardiac support systems and listing for heart transplantation. The close interdisciplinary cooperation between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons facilitates the development of an individual therapy concept for each patient. In addition, patients have the option to participate in scientific clinical studies on diagnostic and therapeutic methods, where appropriate. The synergetic links between the Departments of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery allow us to offer the highest standards of care for both conservative and surgical approaches.

Treatment Options: Overview 

  • Diagnosis of cardiac function (ECG, ergometry, spiroergometry, echocardiography, cardiac-MRI where required)
  • Advanced diagnostics for cardiac insufficiency with unknown causes
  • Drug therapy optimisation
  • Diagnosis of relevant co-morbidities affecting prognosis
  • Consultation regarding different device systems (e. g. implantable cardioverter / Defibrillator (ICD), cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT), cardiac contractility modulation (CCM), baroreflex therapy
  • Consultation regarding different heart support systems
  • Consultation regarding listing for heart transplantation

Head of unit

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Tanja Antunovic
Martina Guskau
Zorica Milanovic
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