About 1 million patients in Germany and the United States alone have an acute myocardial infarction (MI) every year. Acute MI is caused by a thrombotic occlusion of a coronary artery, leading to progressive cell death in the non-perfused territory. Even if rapid reperfusion of the infarct-related artery can salvage ischemic myocardium, many patients still experience a massive loss of cardiac myocytes. The capacity of the adult mammalian heart to regenerate viable myocardial tissue after MI is very limited. Instead, MI triggers an inflammatory response that leads to a replacement of the necrotic area with highly vascularized granulation tissue and eventually a collagen-rich scar. Loss of viable tissue and scar formation induce profound alterations of left ventricular tissue architecture leading to chamber dilatation, contractile dysfunction and heart failure. In the Division of Molecular and Translational Cardiology, we are investigating the mechanisms that promote heart failure development after MI. Our goal is to develop more effective diagnostic (biomarker) and therapeutic strategies for patients with acute MI (cell therapy, recombinant protein therapy, small molecules).


Rudi-Busse-Young Investigator Award for Experimental Cardiovascular Research (1st price) of the German Cardiac Society to Dr. Felix Polten

Left to right: Prof. Dr. Ch. Maack, Dr. Felix Polten (1st prize), Dr. M. von Scheidt, J. Leberzammer, M. Sausen (2nd prizes), Prof. Dr. H. Thiele (©DGK/Thomas Hauss)

Publication award (1st prize) from the Working Group Chronic Heart Failure (AG 10) of the German Cardiac Society to Dr. Marc Reboll

Left to right: Prof. Dr. Ph. Raake, Dr. Marc Reboll, Prof. Dr. Dr. S. von Haehling (©DGK/Thomas Hauss)

Meteorin-like activation of KIT+ endothelial cells highlighted in Nature Reviews Cardiology

Our Science publication was highlighted by the Paper of the Manns

Poster Prize of the Clinical Research Group 311 to Drs. Felix Polten and Andrei Sandu

Publication in Science

 Professional Career

  • 1991
    Medical Licensing Exam (Staatsexamen)
  • 1992
    U.S. American Medical State Examination (ECFMG)
  • 1991 – 1993
    Intern (Arzt im Praktikum), Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology, University of Freiburg
  • 1993 – 1995
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Molecular Genetics, University of California, San Diego
  • 1995 – 1996
    Resident (Assistenzarzt), Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology, University of Freiburg
  • 1996 – 2002
    Resident (Assistenzarzt), Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology, Hannover Medical School
  • Since 2002
    Clinical Fellow (Oberarzt), Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology, Hannover Medical School
  • 2000
    Board Certification in Internal Medicine
  • 2004
    Board Certification in Cardiology
  • 2015
    Certification in Interventional Cardiology


Scientific Career

  • 1991
    Dr. med. (MD)
  • 2001
  • 2001 – 2007
    Assistant Professor (Privatdozent), Hannover Medical School
  • 2007 – 2010
    Associate (W2) Professor for Cardiac Cell Therapy, Hannover Medical School
  • 2010
    Offer for Full (W3) Professorship and Head of the Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology at the University of Gießen, Germany (refused)
  • Since 2010
    Full (W3) Professor for Molecular and Translational Cardiology, Hannover Medical School



  • 2018
    Honorary Award Lecture on Basic Science (presented at Annual Meeting of the German Cardiac Society)
  • 2009
    European Society of Cardiology, Council for Basic Cardiovascular Science
    Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2007
    Jan Brod Prize (Gesellschaft der Freunde der MHH)
  • 2007
    Arthur-Weber-Prize of the German Cardiac Society
  • 2006
    Albert-Fraenkel-Prize of the German Cardiac Society
  • 2004
    Karl-Ludwig-Neuhaus Prize of the German Cardiac Society
  • 1996
    Young Investigators Award, European Society of Cardiology, Working Group Drug Therapy in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
  • 1987
    German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)
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