The Arrhythmia Outpatient Clinic is a special service for patients with tachycardia and bradycardia arrhythmias, i.e. all heart rhythm abnormalities where the heart beats too quickly, too slowly or with an irregular rhythm.

The causes and mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmia are manifold and require examination by a specialist. If you are suffering from cardiac arrhythmia, your general practitioner or cardiologist can refer you to our clinic for consultation. An electrocardiogramm (ECG) of the rhythm abnormality forms an important part of the consultation. Our specialists may then arrange for further examinations, such as a cardiac ultrasound or an exercise stress test.

Taking the results from these examinations and a possible underlying heart condition into account, we will design an individual treatment plan with you. In the case of tachycardia (rapid cardiac arrhythmia) this can entail a range of strategies from simple lifestyle and behavioural changes, treatment with medication (antiarrhythmics) to targeted catheter-guided sclerotherapy in the heart in order to enable a permanent cure of the arrhythmia. Life-threatening rapid cardiac arrhythmia may require the implantation of a life-saving defibrillator (ICD).

Where the heartbeat is too slow or where long pauses are present between heartbeats, a heart pacemaker may be required. In all cases, we adopt a holistic approach to preparing your treatment plan and are happy to help with your individual questions, wishes and concerns.

Consultation by appointment only.

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