The MHH avails of over two decades of experience in the therapeutic use of pacemaker systems and defibrillators and was one of the first hospitals in Germany to implant a defbrillator in 1984. Recent years have seen over 300 defibrillator and more than 350 pacemaker systems implanted annually. In addition to conventional single and dual-chamber cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, over 100 cardiac resynchronization therapy devices (CRTs) are implanted per year to treat heart failure in patients suffering from a left bundle branch block (LBBB). Further electrical therapy options for heart failure include cardiac contractility modulation (CCM), vagus nerve stimulation and carotid baroreflex stimulation. Follow-up care for all implanted devices is provided in the Heart Rhythm Disorders Outpatient Clinic.

Our Electrophysiology Unit is an accredited training centre and offers advanced training for physicians in “Active Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices”

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